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At Spring Branch Dental Group, we believe Orthodontics is more than just about straight teeth.

Your teeth are attached to your jaw bone which are consequently connected to your skull. Hence every movement of your teeth affects your skull.

Other structures we must be aware of are your child’s’ airways, Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ), and muscles. If these structures are not considered, orthodontics can compromise breathing, sleeping, jaw function, and lead to pain.

When Do You Need Orthodontic Treatment
Signs and symptoms suggesting an orthodontic consult is required can include:

Crooked teeth
Mouth breathing
Bruxism/teeth grinding
Temporomandibular joint pain/clicking
Dry mouth
Enlarged tonsils
Chronic bed-wetting

What Does An Orthodontic Treatment Involve?
Consultation – this stage includes:

Initial appointment, which can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your case
Taking snapshots of your lower and upper teeth using digital X-rays
Evaluation of your bite
Addressing any concerns you may have, as well as discussion of the benefits of the treatments and alternatives, limitations, and possible risks
After the planning and consultation stage, the dentist will begin designing and applying braces or fabricating custom-made braces.

Active stage – this stage involves visiting your West Ryde dentist on a regular basis in order to monitor the progress of the treatment or do wire adjustments to ensure the success of the treatment.

Retention stage – once the treatment is completed, the braces or appliances will be removed and a new appliance (retainer) will be attached to your teeth. The appliance, which is often removable, helps maintain the improvements and changes made to your teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are not only designed to straighten your teeth and offer you a symmetrical smile, but they can also give you an attractive smile, improve the health of your jaw, teeth, and even your overall health.

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