What to Expect

We prefer that all forms are downloaded and completed prior to entering the office for your first visit. This will expedite the process and saves the amount of time spent in the clinic. The paperwork provides general information about yourself and your condition. We also have forms available at the clinic in the event that completing the forms ahead of time is not possible.

After the proper forms are completed and your personal chart is created, the doctor will discuss with you what the main reason for your visit is and any specific concerns you may have.

Digital x-rays will be taken with our modern equipment to produce high resolution imaging for diagnosis.

A complete exam, or in emergency cases a limited exam, will then be performed. During the exam, a customized treatment plan will be discussed with your doctor on how to best serve your oral health needs.

If our schedule allows, patients may be able to start on their treatment plan the same day. This will be discussed with your doctor and priority will be given to emergency patients.

Before you leave, we will schedule your next check up or treatment appointment. Our staff will call you before hand to confirm or reschedule if need be.

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Jason Lee
Doctor of Dental Surgery; General Dentistry


Dr. Henry Nguyen
Doctor of Dental Surgery; General Dentistry

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